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The Strategic Manager's Comprehensive  Guide to Emerging
Price, Cost and Demand Trends in U.S. Manufacturing

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ICE-Alert is a powerful information tool available to individuals involved in the procurement process.  Purchasing professionals and finance executives say ICE-Alert is the most timely, comprehensive and practical monthly guide to understanding emerging price, cost and demand trends in U.S. manufacturing.  ICE-Alert provides both data and insights that help business managers to:

Develop winning negotiation strategies

Monitor suppliers' cost performance

Control costs and save money

 Plan ahead with more accurate budgets

 Improve investment and hedging decisions

 Benchmark purchasing and cost control performance

Every month, ICE-Alert reports on changes in prices, manufacturing costs and  margins for more than 440 industries.


ICE-Alert Purchasing Productivity Toolkit  

*  Download a free sample of our monthly report.

*  Take a mini-tour of the ICE-Alert forecast database

*  Learn about our heavy-duty, detailed industry intelligence packages.



What our readers are telling us...

"ICE-Alert provides a barometer on commodity market trends which is unsurpassed. With the detailed labor and material cost data supplied, we have been able to reduce negotiations from an an emotional spar to a fact-based conclusion, preserving the integrity of partnerships and the competitiveness of our business."

Group Director of Procurement Leading Manufacturer of Refrigeration Equipment

"My department has been able to go 50% above its savings target for the year with the help of ICE-Alert. The ICE-Alert report has added to the base of information for the buyer/planner in my company and this information is more current than ever before."

Manager of Corporate Contract Purchasing at a Bioscience Products Manufacturing Company"



Thinking Cap Solutions Inc.

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