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The Strategic Manager's Comprehensive  Guide to Emerging
Price, Cost and Demand Trends in U.S. Manufacturing

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The ICE-Alert Mission... is to provide procurement specialists and other professionals with timely, reliable, easy to use, expert information about trends in U.S. prices, costs, demand strength and profitability. Our rigorous, proprietary industry data helps our subscribers to stay abreast of the risks and rewards that directly effect day-to-day business decisions.
Our Proprietary LMIQ Model Data... All cost indexes, demand indexes, margin estimates and measurements of costs per $100 of product are based on output from Thinking Cap Solutions' industry cost escalation (LMIQ) model. These measures are considered proprietary and are protected by copyright.  Note, also, all price indexes are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and are not proprietary. Price indexes shown in some tables are rebased by Thinking Cap Solutions to allow for cost/price comparisons. The LMIQ model also uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau; the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; the U.S. Commerce Department; and the Federal Reserve Board.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty… The staff of Thinking Cap Solutions, Inc. has made their best effort in producing this report. Our hope is that its users will be successful in extracting value from the information included herein. However, we make no claims of warranty or merchantability or fitness of this product for any specific application. Nor shall we in any instance be liable to the users of the information contained in this report for loss of profits, lost savings, special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other damages.

Copyright 2008 by Thinking Cap Solutions, Inc. No portion of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any medium including but not limited to photocopying, scanning or other electronic means without prior written consent of Thinking Cap Solutions, Inc.  ISSN 1088-5757

Thinking Cap Solutions Inc.

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