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The Strategic Manager's Comprehensive  Guide to Emerging
Price, Cost and Demand Trends in U.S. Manufacturing

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BasicIQ Report

BasicIQ reports provide a detailed review of price, cost, profitability and demand for industries at the 6-digit NAICS level.  The charts and tables are designed to help subscribers with a wide variety of tasks including:
  • supplier management

  • internal benchmarking

  • negotiation and pricing strategy

  • general planning

Each BasicIQ report comes with three key files, (where xxxxxx is the 6-digit NAICS):

  1. MC_XXXXXX_CHARTS:    9 print ready charts,  Acrobat PDF format

  2. MC_XXXXXX_TABLES:    7 print ready tables,  Acrobat PDF format

  3. MC_XXXXXX_BASIC_DB: 2 Worksheets containing and Index and Spending Databases. The Microsoft EXCEL format provides a detailed database of ten of monthly data that can be manipulated into custom charts or used in your own supply chain models by anyone with a working knowledge of EXCEL

 NAICS 322211
Corrugated and Solid Fiber Boxes Manufacturing
(106kb) 37kb (706 kb)
BasicIQ Report Guidebook
BasicIQ Industry List

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