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The Strategic Manager's Comprehensive  Guide to Emerging
Price, Cost and Demand Trends in U.S. Manufacturing

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“The ICE-Alert reports have become a valuable strategic tool for the professional buyers I train. They successfully use ICE-Alert information to determine a fair and reasonable price, to fight proposed price increases and to mitigate those inevitable increase requests brought about by rising materials and overhead costs.  We achieve fair results for both buyer and seller by limiting discussions to only the impacted cost drivers and their relative contribution to total cost. Without this kind of information, the professional buyer is driving blind.”
From the Sourcing & Supply Management Training Coordinator at a leading Fortune 100 personal care company
“Kudos! Keep on doing what you do. We find your forecaster information invaluable and it has allowed my organization to enter negotiations from a position of power and knowledge of the marketplace.  While not always successful, we do in 80% of the negotiations reach a more beneficial and positive agreement with our suppliers than we would have without this ICE-Alert information.”
From the Commodity Manager at a  leading Fortune 1000 biotechnology company
“I used a cost tracking model for production materials. This information was very helpful in understanding the cost drivers that influenced price changes, up and down. This was a great help in negotiations and strategic planning. The company [Thinking Cap Solutions/ICE-Alert] that supplied that data will soon begin providing the same service for the service industries. This is an excellent tool to use if you need to understand the elements of cost associated with a given commodity.”
From the Strategic Sourcing Manager at a Fortune 500 high-tech manufacturing company
"In an industry where information is power, having access to ICE data is giving purchasers a better sense of credibility and reliability both with suppliers and internally within their organization."
Electronic Buyers News
"Understanding costs and cost drivers are fundamental to creating value in the supply chain. ICE-Alert is one of the ways we stay on top of supply, demand and costs across a number of industries. We consider ICE-Alert one of our basic tools in cost management."
From the Group Director of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement at a leading manufacturer of forest and paper products.

Thinking Cap Solutions Inc.

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