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The Strategic Manager's Comprehensive  Guide to Emerging
Price, Cost and Demand Trends in U.S. Manufacturing

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The ICE-Alert Purchasing Productivity Toolbox has evolved considerably since it first came into being over eight years ago. It now includes three major elements—each designed to play a key role in the procurement process.
Here’s how the ICE-Alert Toolbox can contribute to your company’s productivity.
ICE-Alert Monthly Report

The ICE-Alert monthly report provides up-to-date analysis and data covering price, cost, demand and margin trends in more than 440 U.S. manufacturing industries. Staying informed of changing market conditions is the first step in spotting emerging buying opportunities and hazards.

 [Click here to download a free copy of the ICE-Alert monthly report]

ICE-Alert Quarterly Forecast

The ICE-Alert Quarterly Forecast Database provides a forward look at where your supply chain is headed. Forecasted concepts include indexes for average industry product prices, per-unit manufacturing costs, and end market strength. These are the basic building blocks that determine the balance of power between buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

 [Click here to see a sample forecast table]

BasicIQ Report

Our BasicIQ reports provide a rich and comprehensive look at almost any U.S. manufacturing industry. These statistical reports help you to dissect supplier invoices relative to industry benchmarks, highlight cost control concerns with vendors, and understand the factors shaping changing demand trends.   Each report also includes an EXCEL database including over 60 different concepts. That means if our charts and tables don’t get at exactly what you want, you can build your own presentation. 

[Click here to download a free BasicIQ report]

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